AI is a significant topic in modern business, emerging and expanding at a quicker rate than any other major topic in our recent history across the corporate landscape.

As Microsoft continues to drive Copilot updates, it acts as a symbol of this innovation, bringing generative AI software to the fingertips of organisations across all industries. Microsoft's recent announcement about the integration of Microsoft Copilot into Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform marks a significant leap forward in this journey. This sets a new benchmark for CRM and ERP software, encouraging process innovation and optimised operations.

Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365

A world-first in the business application market, Copilot for Dynamics 365 is natively built for Microsoft CRM and ERP applications. Since its introduction earlier this year, it has already made a profound impact. Over 130,000 organisations have experienced its capabilities, witnessing a transformative change in how their systems can be utilised.

A recent survey illustrates the impact of Copilot updates, with 70% of users reporting increased productivity, 73% noting faster task completion, and 68% observing an improvement in the quality of their work. These statistics paint a clear picture of the efficacy and necessity of AI in modern business processes.

Empowering Field Service With AI

In the field service sector, access to timely and accurate information is crucial. Microsoft is set to revolutionise this area with AI-powered experiences in Dynamics 365 Field Service. By enabling frontline workers to quickly access vital information, on location and directly within Teams, they’ll be able to complete jobs in a more streamlined, professional manner, improving both service quality and job satisfaction. This feature is poised to dramatically improve key performance indicators such as first-time fix rates, customer satisfaction, and client retention.

copilot updates

Sales CRM Natural Language Processing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is undergoing a transformation with the introduction of Copilot, redefining the standards in sales technology. By enabling individual sellers to automate many of their manual processes and make more informed decisions with AI-driven insights, the productivity and efficiency of sales teams are uncapped.

Copilot updates will enable users to interact more intuitively with their data using natural language. This feature, allows sellers to use their own words to get contextual insights and recommendations, fundamentally changing the way sales processes are conducted.

Enhancing Customer Insights With AI

The new capabilities in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights represent an advancement in understanding and engaging target customers and segments. This development means users can have the ability to hyper-personalise campaign content and improve overall engagement. The integration of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, enables sellers to instantly generate comprehensive customer profile summaries.

Copilot For Microsoft 365

The challenge of integrating innovative technology like generative AI into various business systems, while ensuring security, privacy, and compliance, is substantial. Microsoft's response to this challenge is the introduction of a new category of Copilot solutions. These solutions harness data from Microsoft 365 and third-party systems to bring unparalleled efficiency and automation to various business functions across departments.

Copilot For Service

A recent survey revealed that 75% of customer service agents feel less inspired and motivated by their work, with over half reporting that they struggle to deliver exceptional customer service. Microsoft Copilot for Service addresses this challenge by integrating generative AI capabilities into the tools that service agents use daily, such as Outlook and Teams. This integration boosts productivity and provides AI-guided answers and resources tailored to each customer issue and conversation.

Copilot For Sales

Microsoft Copilot for Sales, the evolution of Sales Copilot, is being used by leading brands, including the Microsoft sales team, to enhance productivity. It brings together the power of Copilot for Microsoft 365 in seller workflows, using customer data within the CRM system they already use, along with information in documents, emails, and chats from Microsoft 365 applications. This integration facilitates innovative ideas, stronger customer relationships, and more successful deal closures.

Copilot Updates: Explained

The integration of Microsoft Copilot into Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform represents a shift in how businesses interact with their CRM and ERP systems. These advancements not only elevate productivity and efficiency but also open new avenues for innovation, customer engagement, and overall business success.

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