Implementing the right technology into your business is key to driving innovation, advancement and growth.

A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is one of the most dynamic tools available for businesses as it gives them the power to revolutionise how they function, from connecting the right people to gleaning key insights from financial data. In this article, we provide five reasons to choose Business Central as your ERP system and how it can help power your growth and help you make more informed decisions.

Reasons To Choose Business Central

Evergreen Solution

One of the reasons to choose Business Central as an ERP system is that it's evergreen: you're always up to date and using the most recent version. This is pivotal for digital transformation as it means patching, updates and changes can take place without the need for downtime or software change. You’re also legally compliant with an evergreen solution, including GDPR, ensuring that your business is always prepared.

Integrates With Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft product, Business Central features indigenous Office 365 integration. This allows for data and features from within Business Central to be used across other applications: Excel, Outlook and SharePoint Online as examples. You can also effortlessly connect Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps, allowing you to add extra utility to your workflow without interface disruption.

Reasons To Choose Business Central

Modular For Your Needs 

The modular design of Business Central offers increased functionality as an accounting solution that standalone finance platforms such as Xero or Quickbooks. It’s also completely flexible, allowing you to add additional Dynamics 365 modules to further enhance working as you need to.

Innovative insights With Business Central As Your ERP System

The Power BI visualisation tools provided allow you to unify your reporting across all of the systems and software your business uses. You can effortlessly report on important KPIs, dig into profitability statistics from across your organisation and find innovative insights about trends.

Cloud-based Technology

Business Central is a cloud-based solution, allowing for secure access from any device. It also means you don’t have any additional expenses for hosting or specialised hardware. All you have to do is pay your Microsoft Dynamics licensing fee on a per-user, per-month basis. This gives you a clear pricing structure with no hidden costs or surprise charges.

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