Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are a staple software of sales and customer-focused activities. But they’re also an important tool for marketing.

Marketing CRM systems are designed to support digital marketing efforts, helping to better manage data, relationships, and campaign performance. While many organisations use marketing automation solutions, there are wider benefits of a marketing CRM system that can also deliver automation features. We outline more below:

A Marketing CRM System Increases Efficiency

By automating tasks like campaigns, sending emails and managing customer data, marketing CRM systems save resources from spending hours doing things manually.

A CRM system also helps optimize campaigns by tracking campaign performance and making it easier to identify business opportunities. It also helps predict growth based on historical data.

A CRM For Digital Marketing Identifies Gaps In Efforts

By tracking customer and prospect interactions and the outcome of those interactions, a marketing CRM system can help you identify which campaigns work best and what your customers want. When you're able to identify opportunities and make improvements to your marketing campaigns, you'll be able to attract more customers and increase sales conversion rates. Equally, when marketing data is aligned with sales data from your CRM system, you’ll also know when NOT to target your customers or prospects.

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Benefits of a Marketing CRM System: Records The Total Impact And ROI Of Campaigns

There’s nothing worse than not being able to see the full impact of your campaign. One of the benefits of a marketing CRM system is that it can help you identify where marketing promotions have resonated. And by more accurately measuring ROI, it allows marketers to assign their budgets and shape future promotional ideas with better accuracy and clarity.

Marketing CRM System vs Automation: Improving Overall Customer Experience

Many of the contact and engagement features of a marketing CRM system can also benefit other aspects of an organisation. Offering smarter solutions for prospects to engage can also be translated into smarter ways for customers to engage – as well as easier ways for customer service agents to respond more efficiently.

And having all of a customer's contact information recorded in a singular place helps track their data across the lifespan of that customer. So it is crucial to have a marketing CRM system that communicates across your wider systems and solutions, without any data gaps.

Benefits Of A Microsoft Marketing CRM system

Akita Intelligent Solutions is a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner.

We’re seeing an increasing number of organisations that already use Dynamics 365 for their sales CRM solution look to Dynamics 365 for marketing automation as well, joining up data across their organisation.

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