Our consultancy can ensure the success of your organisation's Microsoft Dynamics project.

Akita's Microsoft Dynamics consultancy can help you get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Business Central project.

Our CRM and ERP consultants assist companies ranging from SMEs to the FTSE 250 on their Dynamics requirements.

For expert help in the strategic development of a new or existing Dynamics instance, please get in touch.

Microsoft Dynamics Consultancy That Works

Our technical consultants will work with you to understand your organisation’s challenges. We will break down your project goals into outcomes, and outline the methods and technical requirements needed for your project. With years of experience in CRM and ERP system development, our experts will find the right approach for your organisation.

microsoft dynamics consultancy

As our consultants are experienced developers, they can also recommend where external software integrations - such as Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange or other - can enhance the functionality of your CRM or ERP setup. This can include major integrations or simply smaller additional programs that deliver additional useful functionality.

If your project is not being developed by Akita, our Dynamics consultants can provide oversight, managing your Dynamics development project through to completion. This ensures that the project stays in-line with the project plan and that results meet original objectives.

Banked consultancy time

Moving forward from your current project, Akita can provide banked Dynamics consultancy days.

Consultancy time can be used as you need it: reviewing how internal processes could be further improved, whether you have the most cost-effective Microsoft licences, or whether new features might enhance your setup.

Further development can then be scheduled as part of a custom road map for your organisation. And this can also include a holistic review of your Microsoft Dynamics solution and a check that it still works the same way as your organisation.

Whatever your business needs, our Dynamics consultants are here to assist you.

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