Microsoft combines the new Power Virtual Agents solution with its Dynamics 365 customer service application.

Following Power Virtual Agents last year, Virtual Agent for Customer Service is due to meet market demand for a customer service version.

Here are three of the benefits the new solution will offer:

Build customer service virtual agents with ease

Power Virtual Agents promises to simplify the creation of virtual agents, also known as chatbots. Typically appearing as a pop-up on a website, virtual agents deliver automated responses to queries customers type in. The way that response flows are structured make them feel like personalised communication for that customer rather than automation. This means customers can be supported or directed to resources without the need for customer service agents.

Virtual Agent for Customer Service promises to turn the creation of complex chatbot responses into a no-code, simple drag and drop experience. It will guide users on how to create common customer service chatbot flows, as well as helping to automate follow-on actions within Dynamics 365 as part of these flows (eg. log a support ticket, raise a new order etc.).

Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service

Use data to increase customer satisfaction

Another benefit of using a virtual agent is that customer service becomes measurable in a completely new way.

By being able to track the user journey through question flows, and seeing how customers react to the chatbots, organisations can see the most and least helpful responses for customers. This allows for the optimisation of flows to ensure customers are satisfied and - ideally - avoid having to engage an actual customer service agent (which has a time/cost implication).

In turn, this provides analytics (viewed from a Dynamics 365 dashboard or a Power BI report) that can be compared alongside other customer service data to demonstrate the most successful customer service methods. Organisations can then measure the fastest way to resolve cases and improve their efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service

Deliver advanced workflows with Virtual Agent for Customer Service

Along with logging information into your CRM system, Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service can also be used to trigger actions in other software as well.

This might include launching a video call with a customer service agent via Skype or Teams, triggering a customer satisfaction email from MailChimp or similar, or request a social media like or follow from the customer.

Automating these tasks can create tangible benefits for an organisation without the need for additional effort or a request from customer service agents.

Based on the above possibilities, Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service looks like the ideal solution for organisations looking to digitally transform their customer service delivery.

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