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This year, Microsoft will introduce technical licensing enforcement onto its platform for Dynamics 365 users. This would prevent access to Dynamics 365 from cheaper solutions such as Power Apps (if a Dynamics licence is not also held).

To compensate this, specific App Modules for the affordable Team Member licence are due to be launched and a mechanism is due to be set up to control which App Modules can be accessed by users using specific Dynamics 365 Service Plans.

The following is an analysis of the Team Member apps due to be released shortly.

Sales Team Member App

Users that have access to Dynamics 365 Team Member licences can utilise the Sales Team Member app's functions.

These include customer management, in which users can easily work with contacts and accounts; lead and opportunity management, in which users can access sales-related data including opportunities linked with contacts or accounts and leads; and the ability to add certain activities, such as notes.

Customer Service Team Member App

Microsoft are initially envisaging this as an internal tool for support, with the app providing self-service support within organisations.

Employees will have the ability to generate cases for any problems that they may encounter, such as HR queries, laptop problems, or administrative requirements. They can also leave comments to agents.

The app uses a default account that users can adapt to their organisation. This account will automatically link to cases generated by the Team Member app as the customer.

Customising App Modules

Team Members have the ability to generate and change records, with a maximum of 15 custom entities per app as long as they are related to customer service or sales processes.

Early access to the apps is being provided through opt-in to the 2020 Wave 1 release, with wider release expected later in the year. More information can be found here.

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