With home and hybrid working growing in popularity, organisations need better solutions. Here's how an intranet can support remote working

Even before the pandemic, working remotely had been growing in popularity. This has only accelerated in recent times. With remote and hybrid working set to continue, organisations can both support and enhance working relationships through the use of a SharePoint intranet. A staple of many Microsoft 365 licences, SharePoint can engender connectivity and engagement with those working away from the main workplace. Here are just a few ways a SharePoint intranet can help remote working:

1. SharePoint can support identity and belonging

Gone are the days of dull-looking intranets. SharePoint now offers full customisation and formatting for your intranet site, letting you tailor it exactly to match your organisation’s branding. Many organisations now also make use of video within their intranet, meaning CEOs and senior leaders can provide an engaging update about the company. That way, even when working remotely, an intranet can make staff feel part of the brand.

sharepoint intranet remote working

2. SharePoint can provide remote workers with a centralised hub

A SharePoint intranet can also be finely tuned to support all the needs of remote workers. From company communications to relevant work documents, to access to all relevant HR documents and even wellbeing resources. The robust search function bolsters this convenience, as does the ability for the intranet to act as a project management tool – allowing users and managers to keep track of tasks and deadlines across teams, no matter their location. In these ways, a well-designed intranet can support remote workers with all aspects of their work life.

3. SharePoint provides secure cloud storage

No remote working solution is complete without a strong cloud computing system behind it. Cloud networking is instrumental for so many workplaces, letting them store their data safely and securely online. It is also a key feature of SharePoint’s intranet. High uptime, automatic saving and Microsoft’s advanced security also ensure that SharePoint is safe and reliable. And by hosting files in SharePoint Online, users are able to work on documents simultaneously, meaning those both in and out of the office can collaborate at the same time.

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