Additional Dynamics 365 storage can be very expensive for organisations.

A new app can reduce Dynamics 365 additional storage costs by transferring data storage out of Dynamics 365.

What's the issue with Dynamics 365 additional storage costs?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect solution for a company CRM or ERP. But as your company grows, you can soon find that the initial 10GB of storage provided is not enough.

Once the threshold level is passed, the additional storage costs can really start to rack up. Prices rose from $5 per extra gigabyte to $40 per gigabyte in 2018, some of the most expensive cloud storage available.

So wouldn't it be good if you could reduce storage costs? Thankfully a new Dynamics app is available that can assist in doing just that by transferring data storage out of Dynamics 365.

How can I reduce Dynamics 365 storage costs?

The Attachment Management app allows for notes and email attachments that would normally be saved against records in Dynamics 365 to instead be kept in Azure storage instead.

Azure storage is a Microsoft service, with storage charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. However, the charges are significantly cheaper than Dynamics 365 additional storage costs.

Crucially, items stored within Azure storage can still be easily retrieved from Dynamics 365. Files, attachments and notes are only a single click away, so users probably won't notice much of a difference.

dynamics 365 additional storage

Once installed and configured, Dynamics 365 will see and recognise all notes or attachments stored in Azure Blob as if they were within the Dynamics 365 tenant.

reduce Dynamics 365 storage costs

As a leading  Dynamics 365 developer, Akita can assist you with getting this solution setup and configured within your Dynamics 365 tenant. We can also assist organisations with other ways of reducing their Dynamics-related costs, from licensing reviews to feature consolidation.

If you’re interested in Attachment Management for Dynamics 365 additional storage, please get in touch.


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