Improve understanding around financial data by using Power BI with Sage  

Sage 200 is a business management tool that many organisations use to run their finances and other areas of operations. While Sage can be a key tool for business management, the way data is presented inside the platform can be difficult for users to consume. This makes financial trends hard to spot and performance difficult to monitor. Combining  Sage and Power BI can be a way of improving this business intelligence.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is an advanced digital visualization tool that takes information from applications and data sources and transforms it into engaging graphs, tables and visuals that are easier to understand.

Power BI also allows users to drill down into data held in reports and adjust variables (such as territories, time periods or departments). This allows for a closer analysis of performance trends.

Improved Financial Performance

By utilising Power BI with Sage 200, organisations can more easily understand their financial data. Power BI can deliver clear, concise visualisations of your accounts and in formats that your organisation finds easiest to understand.

Power BI reports can also be tailored to juxtapose data points that Sage 200 wouldn’t necessarily put together. So if you know about - or would like to discover - an important performance trend in your organisation’s data, Power BI can achieve this with ease.

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Given the level of customisable analysis available, combining Power BI and Sage can transform your understanding of your organisation. It’s not surprising, then, that companies using this type of data visualization software are twice as likely to be in the top quartile for financial performance and make decisions five times faster than their competitors.

Data Beyond Sage

One of the limitations of Sage 200 is that data is effectively siloed to the platform. This means understanding trends across multiple platforms (e.g. Sage 200 and a separate CRM platform) isn’t easily achievable.

As Power BI can take data from multiple sources simultaneously, organisations can unite information from Sage 200 with wider systems for an even better understanding of end-to-end business performance.

Combining Power BI and Sage today

Akita Intelligent Solutions can assist organisations with integrating Power BI with Sage 200 and any other data sources you require. We can then work with your organisation to develop the reporting that would benefit you most

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