In what feels like the briefest of love affairs, Microsoft announces it will be ending service for it’s social media monitoring tool, Social Engagement.

Social Engagement was Microsoft’s tool for monitoring social media posts, sentiment and trends.

It was positioned as a useful addition for Dynamics 365’s sales, marketing and customer services capabilities and a rival to more professional social media monitoring solutions. Social Engagement’s services will begin winding up shortly, with a complete end in 2020.

End of Social Engagement: Not all bad news

While the end of Social Engagement may look like a failure for Microsoft, it may come to be looked upon as a bridge to something much better.

In practicality Social Engagement was not an easy tool to use. Even with familiarity of other similar platforms, getting it to accurately monitor for keywords or competitor accounts was difficult at best. When it was set up insights were not necessarily helpful, even with the results feeding  through to Dynamics 365. It's therefore clear why it didn't become a hit with marketers or customer service operatives

Microsoft has now said that they will focus on delivering AI-powered social and web insights rather than pure social listening.

The end-result capabilities and insights from Social Engagement will in future be offered through Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights. This is the first update teased ahead of the Dynamics 365’s April 2019 update.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

The end of Social Engagement is one of a number of exciting changes in Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Marketing offering. This solutions is fast becoming a competitor to more established marketing automation platforms.

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