Research has found that business spending on Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers double the return on investment of the average CRM or ERP systems.

The findings, conducted by Nucleus Research, found that for every dollar spent on Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, an average of $16.97 was delivered back to the business (£16.95 for every £1 spent in UK terms).

In comparing platforms, Nucleus Research, also found that Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions delivered a much higher return on investment than other platforms. CRM and ERP systems averaged a return of $8.71 and $7.21 respectively. This means that Dynamics 365 solutions deliver around double the return of investment of such platforms.

Value-driven return on investment with Dynamics 365

Discussing the approach, the research report states that “Nucleus independently decided to assess the value achieved by Microsoft customers. The latest cases considered in the analysis were Canadian, European, and American companies using Microsoft solutions to drive greater collaboration, improve operations and processes, and analyze and act on data.” It goes on to explain the methodology involved.

As part of its findings, Nucleus Research outlined how Microsoft Dynamics 365 was observed to drive a higher rate of return for businesses:

Easy integration of Dynamics 365 both with Microsoft applications and other 3rd party software, resulting in projects finishing on time and under budget.

Increased opportunity to cross and upsell based on the business intelligence and analytics Dynamics 365 makes available.

Easy and intuitive interface saves time on user adoption and on-boarding.

Cost-savings and flexibility generated through Dynamics 365’s cloud setup.

Greater standardisation and automation of user tasks through Dynamics 365, resulting in uplift in user productivity.

For an example of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 generates a return for a business, read our explanation of cost-savings for a manufacturing company:

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