Efficient document management is key to maintain organised processes and reduce duplication of efforts for organisations of all sizes.

With a vast number of resources and documents being generated daily by many organisations, they need reliable systems to store, arrange, and access their files. Microsoft SharePoint offers robust document management capabilities that can streamline the way your organisation handles its documents. Features include:

Centralised Document Repository

SharePoint serves as a central hub for all your documents. Whether it's Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, or other file types, you can store them securely in SharePoint libraries. This ensures everyone in your organisation, as well as those you grant access to outside of your organisation, has access to the latest versions of documents.

Version Control

SharePoint provides a sophisticated versioning system that tracks changes to documents over time. It allows users to view and restore previous versions if needed, preventing accidental data loss or unwanted changes and ensuring everyone accesses the most up to date versions.

Access Control And Permissions

You won’t want all documents to be accessible to everyone in your organisation. SharePoint offers robust access control and permission settings so you can define who can view, edit, or delete documents at various levels. This ensures sensitive information remains confidential and important templates remain untouched.

Document Management With SharePoint

Metadata And Tagging

Effective document management relies on proper categorisation. SharePoint allows you to add metadata, which can consist of author, file name, creation date, content type, or file type, to documents, making it easier to search for and organise them. You can choose and create custom metadata fields tailored to your organisation's needs to give your users the easiest search possible.

Search And Discovery

SharePoint's search capabilities are second to none. Its powerful search engine can quickly locate documents based on keywords, metadata, or content within the documents themselves. This ensures users can find the information they need, when they need it to drive productivity across departments.

Document Workflows

Modern organisations often require document approval processes or routing. SharePoint offers customisable document workflows that automate these processes. You can create workflows for document review, approval, and signature collection, streamlining your processes.

Integration With Office Apps

SharePoint seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office apps, making document creation and editing simple and easy. You can also co-author documents in real-time, ensuring team members can collaborate effectively no matter where they’re based.

Mobile Accessibility

The ability to access documents on the go is essential for organisations to provide a responsive service to their customers and clients. SharePoint is mobile-friendly, and allows users to access documents from smartphones and tablets with ease, promoting more effective remote work and better collaboration.

Document Retention And Archiving

Not all documents need to be kept indefinitely. SharePoint allows you to set document retention policies and automate archiving. This ensures compliance with data retention regulations and keeps your document libraries clutter-free.

Backup And Disaster Recovery

SharePoint provides built-in backup and disaster recovery options, safeguarding your critical documents from unexpected events meaning your data remains secure and restorable.


As your organisation grows, so do your document management needs. SharePoint is highly scalable and can accommodate the increasing volume of documents without sacrificing performance.

Document Management With SharePoint

Mastering document management with SharePoint is essential for modern organisations. From centralised document repositories and version control to access control, metadata tagging, and powerful search capabilities, SharePoint offers simple and secure document management.

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