Communication is at the heart of effective human resources.

Remote and hybrid working presents a number of opportunities for attracting talent beyond geographical constraints. But it presents challenges for keeping staff engaged. An HR intranet system can massively improve the efficiency with which an organisation communicates on every level, ensuring staff feel engaged.

Here are some of the key potential benefits an HR-focused intranet system can bring to an organisation.

Sharing with an HR intranet

Sharing important documents among employees can be a challenge - whether it is training information, scheduling, memos, calendar information, or any other information.

Uploading this information to an employee intranet system means employees can access it in a way that's convenient to them. There's no need to troubleshoot and field multiple questions about where to find documents - they can all be found in one central location.

An HR-focused intranet can also be of use before a new employee has even started with a company. Microsoft SharePoint allows for the secure sharing of documents, videos or other files with those outside of an organisation. Successful candidates can, therefore, be sent key onboarding documents before starting their new role, reducing the time spent on HR admin and inductions.

This approach also helps candidates feel welcome at their new company before they start, reinforcing the decision they’ve made.

Reach - and keep - a global talent pool

Remote working is growing more popular, and an intranet system allows your organisation to make the most of a much broader talent pool.

HR intranet sharepoint

With a cloud-hosted intranet such as SharePoint Online, geographical location ceases to become an issue. This provides more flexibility for your organisation in its hiring, providing access to a larger selection of skills, experience bases, and ways of working.

At the same time, you can ensure that all workers are consistent in their approach by sharing key brand document templates and useful information via your intranet.

Performance management

The HR intranet supports performance evaluations by enabling goal setting, progress tracking, continuous feedback, and data-driven performance reviews. It simplifies the review process, facilitates development plans, and promotes employee recognition, fostering a performance-driven culture.

An HR-focused intranet streamlines performance management by offering a platform for setting goals, tracking progress, and providing continuous feedback. It can simplify performance reviews through data-driven assessments and supports the creation of development plans. Leveraging data analytics, the intranet identifies performance trends and areas for improvement.

Additionally, it facilitates employee recognition, fostering a performance-driven culture and enhancing overall engagement within the organisation.

Secure storage of employee information

HR intranets ensure secure storage and access to sensitive employee data, compliant with data protection regulations like GDPR.

Solutions such as SharePoint offer robust encryption methods that safeguard against unauthorised access and cyber threats, while access controls and permissions limit data viewing to authorised personnel only.

Centralising data on a secure platform eliminates risks associated with disparate systems, and regular backups enhance data resilience. With an intranet for human resources, relevant staff can securely access information remotely, benefitting geographically dispersed teams. Additionally, built-in features like data retention policies and audit trails aid in data governance and compliance.

Trust in data security fosters a positive work environment, empowering HR teams to focus on core functions while upholding data protection standards.

Improve communication

An intranet system allows an organisation to improve one of the hardest tasks – internal communication.

An HR intranet makes sharing and accessing important data much easier and more efficient, whether it's sharing data with employees or employees sharing data amongst themselves. This improves transparency, increases workflow, and ultimately allows your team to craft an improved working dynamic. You're also able to share strategies in real-time ensuring everyone is always pulling in the same direction.

More importantly from an HR perspective, improving internal communication keeps employees engaged - particularly important for large or geographically spread organisations. Improving employee engagement will help employees feel connected to an organisation. Ultimately, this should mean they are less likely to leave an organisation – saving HR departments on the cost and time of hiring and onboarding new employees.

An intranet can, therefore, be an incredibly valuable company solution from an HR perspective.

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