Whether communicating with regular customers, subscribers or charity donors, there are a host of groups that require specialist engagement and membership management

Impossible to handle at scale without automation, a tailored membership management CRM system can help you engage with them and increase loyalty and retention. Below is a more granular look at how membership CRM software can benefit your organisation.

Keep accurate data

One of the benefits of a membership CRM system can help you keep updated member information such as preferred channels of communication, event attendance and engagement stats (including lead scoring).  It can also be used to manage legal requirements relating to GDPR and PECR as well as wider marketing preferences. You are also able to centralise this information into one database, where all stakeholders can easily access it and update it if necessary. So you can be sure your data will always be correct.

Member classification

Organisations such as non-profits work with different types of donors, and they all have their preferred method of donating. Classifying them into groups streamlines the donating process allowing you to automate their basic workflows. You can choose to categorise them according to demographics data, donation amount, or whatever variables work for your organisation. Doing so can allow for improved marketing to donors without risking them leaving.

Improve communication with a membership CRM system

Organisations need to maintain a meaningful relationship with their members in the same way businesses do with their customers. However, this can be difficult to do because every member has their preferred communication channel. More advanced membership CRM software solutions help solve this problem by linking all communication channels together (telephone, email, website, social media) and becoming a centralised hub for all communications and membership management.

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Provides a personalised experience

To increase member loyalty, you have to figure out how to relate with your members on a personal level. Instead of sending a generic thank you email, find out what content suits every member. Membership CRM software provides you with relevant personal information to customise your content to your members' experience and preferences. And with the addition of marketing automation from solutions such as Dynamics 365 Marketing or ClickDimensions, you can deliver more personalised campaigns with ease.

Manage membership campaigns

Acquiring new members is easy, but the hard part is retaining them. For example, non-profit organisations have to take all their donors through a lengthy nurturing process that involves events and digital campaigns in order to gain their trust. This is essential for NGOs and similar businesses, and that is why we recommend a CRM solution (such as Dynamics 365). It can be used to automate social media posting and email outreach, which helps increase engagement.

Produce accurate reports

When running a member organisation, you need to keep track of input and output and create reports on the same. Investing in a membership CRM application with a reporting feature will help you generate these reports quickly and accurately.

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Alternatively, applications such as Microsoft Power BI can be used to turn your data into more insightful visuals and graphs that you can then analyse in more depth.

For more on the benefits of a membership CRM, view our page on Dynamics 365 Marketing:


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