How do you know when its time to undertake an accounting software migration?

There are various reasons and triggers why businesses may want to undertake an accounting software migration. But first, they have to realise they need a change. Below we highlight some of the reasons that may mean you need to integrate a new accounting platform.

1. You Waste Too Much Time Reporting In Excel

If you spend hours each month manually manipulating and reporting data in Excel, it means your accounting system isn’t delivering the data you need and it’s prime time for an accounting software migration. An effective accounting system will give you the up-to-the-minute data you need,  saving you time and the bother of reporting and merging tasks you currently do yourself.

2. You Have A Range Of  Separate Unconnected Systems

It can be difficult to get a clear picture of your business if you have various systems that don’t speak to each other. An integrated accounting platform - that links to your operations management or sales CRM systems - can give you a clear view of your finances making decisions easier and tracking progress simpler.

3. Constant Upgrades And Security Patching

It can be a hassle and a waste of time to be constantly upgrading and patching your accounting software. Some solutions will even require you to reset your server to do this. An effective, ideally cloud-based, system will take care of these tasks for you. This gives you time to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

4. You Feel Like You’re Wasting Your Time Doing Simple Tasks Manually

If you’re doing too many simple tasks manually, you may want to think about switching your accounting platform. Integrated accounting software can simplify your day-to-day operations by automating many of the tasks you currently do manually. As an example, solutions such as Business Central will draw customer information from sales opportunities into billing. This saves time on copying information from one system to another.

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5. You Wish Your System Integrated As Well As Your Microsoft 365 Apps

If you find that your accounting system doesn't work as well or integrate as well as your Microsoft apps, you may want to look for a new platform that can keep up with them. A Microsoft accounting solution like Business Central can give you a similar level of integration: from allowing you to track communications from Outlook emails to making key documents (such as contracts) available from within your CRM system.

Conclusion: Is It Time To Consider An Accounting Software Migration?

If you can recognise even a couple of these pain points in your current operation, it’s definitely worth considering alternative accounting software solutions. For existing users of Microsoft 365 solutions, Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a comprehensive accounting solution that fits far better into existing systems. And it may be cheaper to deploy and run than your existing solution.

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