Manage prospects, launch and monitor campaigns and demonstrate the ROI of marketing efforts with better tracking and attribution with Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 offers a range of solutions to make your marketing more effective. Coupled with a sales solution, you can monitor your brand, understand your customers and find the most successful ways to reduce your sales cycle.

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Multi-channel marketing
Plan and execute campaigns across email, social and digital channels with collaborative workflows that keep internal and external teams working in harmony.

Lead management
Nurture contacts and move them through lead scoring systems. When contacts are ready to buy, pass them on to sales teams with full engagement information.

Unify your data
Integrate marketing automation platforms with Dynamics 365 and bring all your data together. Show prospect lead scores to sales teams and let them decide how to engage.

Social marketing and monitoring
Track engagement and trends from your social campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from within Dynamics 365.

Marketing analytics
View predicted pipeline revenue, lead levels and get a clear understanding of campaign ROI.

Benefits of Dynamics 365

  • Build brand
    Deliver consistent, compelling content and experience across all touchpoints.
  • Engage one-to-one
    Personalise engagement and deliver targeted, relevant content at the right time.
  • Demonstrate impact
    Better understand marketing ROI and impact on sales pipeline and revenue.

Marketing Automation With Click Dimensions

Akita can integrate 3rd party email marketing tools into Dynamics 365 Marketing. But it’s more effective to use a marketing automation solution that’s native to Dynamics 365.

Click Dimensions is a comprehensive marketing automation solution that lives within Dynamics. Where other platforms require complicated syncs (or worse a regular import/export of data) Click Dimensions uses Dynamics’ architecture to allow you to easily market to your prospects and customers.

And don’t expect Click Dimensions to be a compromise –  it’s a fully-fledged marketing automation solution, with all of the email design, automation flows, social monitoring and campaign functionality you’d expect from any other professional marketing platform.

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Marketing Solutions With Akita

We’re experienced in delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing projects, covering everything from contact engagement metrics to email automation to campaign ROI dashboards.

We’ll align your marketing solution to work seamlessly with other areas of your business. This ranges from automatic sales notifications when a prospect reaches MQL status, to demand map visualisations that allow operations and field service teams to plan regional resources based on enquiries.

Akita can also integrate third-party marketing software and automation tools such as Hubspot and MailChimp, or social media monitoring tools. This can increase the functionality of Dynamics 365 while keeping all sales and marketing data in one location for improved business intelligence.

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