Delivering The Right Ways Of Working With The Right Tools

With 25 years’ of experience in shaping the IT systems and processes that drive successful companies, Akita’s digital transformation consultancy can help transform the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

We’ve worked with organisations of all sizes and spanning practically every industry. And we’ve been integral to providing the technology solutions that have made them successful, as well as guiding them through the necessary cultural and procedural changes to ensure the transformation is successful.

So if you’re looking for a digital transformation consulting firm with a professional approach and proven track record, Akita can meet your requirements.

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What’s The Value Of Digital Transformation Consulting?

Practically every organisation is looking for ways to grow their reach. And innovation is a proven driver of growth.

The more established an organisation is, the harder it can be to be innovative and break the status quo. After all, if a process is already working, it’s hard to argue it can be done better.

Even if an organisation is aware of the pain points in its operations, it may not know the potential of digital solutions for transforming the way they work. And they may also be unaware of solutions already accessible to them (through their Microsoft 365 licensing, for example).

Akita’s digital transformation consulting services, therefore, provide a professional, independent overview of your organisation and its pain points. We then use our technology expertise and wide-ranging business process knowledge to indicate what transformation initiatives can benefit you – and the results you can expect from them.

Digital Transformation Consulting Services


Show how you can better understand your organisation and where BI can drive smarter decision making.


Show how leaders can manage operations and oversee every aspect of an organisation through automation.


Guide on the unification of processes and how organisations can break down silos to improve process efficiency.


Suggest solutions that can help identify, engage and win more customers and business.


Show where smart solutions can help support customer requirements more effectively at scale

Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation is not just about adopting new technology – it’s about evolving working culture as well. As such, it needs to be properly strategised and communicated.

Whether being delivered as a ‘top down’ initiative or being driven from middle management, our digital transformation consultancy service will help you craft your business and strategy case to best inform relevant stakeholders within your organisation. This will include risk assessment of the solutions recommended, as well as ROI potential.

They can also assist with your digital transformation communication strategy, ensuring that end-users understand and are onboard with planned transformation changes. And we can even help them in upskilling ready for new solutions.

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How We Differ From Other Digital Transformation Consulting Firms?

Akita has a highly successful track record in delivering digital transformation – not least within our own operations.

Different to other digital transformation consulting firms, we approach our customers’ issues with an open mind – rather than with a solution already in mind.

Some of the technologies we’ve seen the most benefit from have had the smallest price tags. So when these solutions are what’s right for your operations, that’s what we’ll recommend.

And our digital transformation consultants are also experienced in business best practice. So if your objectives can be met through process –  rather than technology – changes, then that’s what they’ll recommend.

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