What is Power Platform?

Power Platform is the name for a growing group of applications designed to enhance business intelligence and simplify process automation.

Linking products across the Microsoft 365 suite, Power Platform is one of the fastest-growing Microsoft product areas for its capability to deliver fast and cost-effective transformation of business processes.

Currently, Power Platform is made up of  Power BI for data visualisation; Power Apps for low-code, connected apps; Power Apps Portals for web and portal-based interactions; and Power Automate for linking applications and automating workflows.

Expanding functionality

Power BI and Power Apps can be used with standalone data sources, the Power Platform applications hold the most business potential when combined with other Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, SharePoint or solutions using Common Data Source.

Together, they can deliver advanced functionality to help your organisation, increasing productivity while reducing effort.

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Power Apps: Digitally transform workflows

Streamline and simplify a wide variety of operational tasks into easy-to-use Power Apps.

Apps can be designed to cut-out unnecessary, manual or repetitive elements of processes. In doing so, Power Apps can deliver significant time savings for an organisation.

Akita is a recognised Microsoft Power Apps partner. To find out more about Power Apps and see our solution ideas, visit our dedicated Power Apps page.

Power Apps

Power Apps Portals:  Deliver smart engagement

Power Apps Portals takes the functionality of Power Apps into custom websites and portals.

Power Apps Portals can provide an attractive front-end for logging information into Dynamics 365 or other data sources. They’re the perfect solution for building secure customer service areas, staff rota systems or bespoke e-commerce solutions at a lower cost than a traditional website or custom extranets.

Find out more about the possibilities for Power Apps Portals view the dedicated page:

Power Apps Portals

Power Automate: Streamline processes

Create automatic workflow processes between Microsoft applications and between Microsoft and third-party applications with Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow).

From automating holiday requests and document approval to delivering better customer service with programmed responses based on customer enquiries, Power Automate can automate business tasks, speeding up response and reducing workloads.

To find out more about process automation, please visit our Power Automate page.

Power Automate

Power BI: Visualise data

Move beyond the numbers and get insightful business intelligence from your information. Power BI can provide you with a visual representation of your data with live reports on your organisation’s progress.

Easy to interrogate, you can derive more meaning from your data and make better decisions as a result.

For more information and example of visualisation, visit our Power BI page.

Power BI

Power Platforms With Akita

Akita Intelligent Solutions develops Power Platforms applications as standalone solutions or as part of SharePoint and Dynamics projects, using data to deliver advanced business solutions.

We’re Microsoft Gold partners experienced in

With the limitless business application, our Power Platform solutions that significantly improve the way your organisation works.

To discuss a Power Platforms project or arrange a demo, please get in touch.