Sign off on a new Microsoft ERP and CRM solution with Akita before 2024 and receive three months of expert support for free.

Get ahead of 2024: Supercharge your business operations with a new Microsoft CRM or ERP implementation and access our support offer worth at least £2000. Discover more:

Transforming Your Operations With Dynamics 365 & Business Central

Microsoft’s CRM and ERP technologies have enormous potential to drive efficiency across your business operations.

From delivering up-to-the-minute finance reporting to increasing sales conversion rates, the Dynamics 365 CE applications and Business Central have significant potential to transform the way you work. This can be explored further by requesting a CRM or ERP system demo with us.

Moreover, both have proven ROI, with fast payback on the investment made, evidenced in these Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales reports.

Akita has seen enormous demand for our ‘QuickStart’ Dynamics 365 and Business Central implementation packages. These provide fast and fixed-scope deployment options that simplify the adoption of a new CRM or ERP system; perfect for anyone looking to get started with a new system.

So if your organisation is considering adopting business transformation technology in 2024, we’d like to provide additional incentive to begin that process now.

Our Microsoft CRM & ERP Free Support Offer

For any organisation signing up for a new Microsoft CRM or ERP system before 2024, Akita will provide up to five hours a month of free support - for a period of three months - after project go-live.

Support is provided by our expert team of Business Central, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform experts. Time can be used for any break/fix requirement or user ‘how to’ questions. In this way, it’s a highly-valuable offer for ensuring that users are confident with your new system (over and above any training provided as part of deployment).

To access this offer, organisations need to have signed up for their new CRM or ERP system by the end of 2023. The solution does not have to be implemented by that time - though we welcome the challenge!

What’s The Value Of Support For A Microsoft CRM Or ERP System?

CRM and ERP systems hold immense value for businesses, serving as the backbone of operations and effective customer management. Businesses that invest in these systems gain a significant competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Having CRM support is invaluable as it helps companies nurture and maintain strong customer relationships. With the data and insights it provides, businesses can tailor their offerings to individual preferences, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Moreover, CRM support streamlines communication across departments, ensuring that all teams have access to crucial customer information, leading to better collaboration and a unified customer-centric approach.

ERP support is equally vital. ERP systems sit at the heart of operations, touching all business processes from finance and procurement to sales and human resources. Our Business Central support ensures organisations can use their Microsoft ERP solutions efficiently. This can help eliminate data silos and redundant tasks, reducing operational costs.

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Provided agreements are signed before the end of 2023, we’ll then provide support after the go-live of your new ERP or CRM solution.

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