An updated on-premise option will soon be available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for organisations that would rather host their installations locally.

Microsoft has announced that it is to release a new on-premise version of Dynamics 365.

The last on-premise version of Dynamics came out in 2016. Since this time, Microsoft has made a number of updates to Dynamics, but only to the cloud version.

The new version will seek to bring the on-premise option in line with the developments in the cloud version. It will also add new functionality including improvements to sales and service solutions.

Dynamics 365 on-premise benefits

Running Dynamics 365 in Microsoft’s cloud is of benefit to many companies. It means their CRM system is accessible anywhere, ensures the security of their data, and means they don’t have to worry about their Dynamics 365 instance draining their server processing, power or memory.

However, some large companies, and those in industries handling highly sensitive data, may prefer to have their instances on-site to ensure complete control of their CRM data.

Dynamics 365 on-premise removes the dependency on an internet connection for access. This means organisations concerned about security (such as the military) could run Dynamics 365 on a Local Area Network and avoid connecting PCs to the internet.

The on-premise edition will give administrators greater control over when updates take place. Administrations will also have the ability to make more in-depth modifications to their Dynamics 365 instances (through Microsoft’s Source Development Kit) than the cloud version of Dynamics 365 currently allows.

Another benefit of a Dynamics 365 on-premise solution is choice of storage locations. Companies expecting to exceed the 10GB free storage limit of the cloud version of Dynamics 365 could choose to host the on-premise version on their own cloud network. This could potentially save them money when compared to Microsoft’s data storage costs. Some organisations may also simply prefer hosting Dynamics 365 on their own cloud setup rather than Microsoft’s.

The new version of Dynamics 365 on-premise will be available later this year. And it is likely that an on-premise version of Business Central will follow shortly after. To register your interest in Dynamics 365 on-premise, please get in touch.

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