When it comes to streamlining and scaling your marketing, email marketing automation is one of the first areas where organisations can drive results.

Increasingly, we're hearing marketing professionals are having the conversation about Mailchimp vs Dynamics 365 Marketing as a solution comparison.

There are a number of factors to consider when comparing these platforms, such as the focus of your marketing efforts and which software will integrate best with your current approach. Here we assess the perks and benefits of each.


Well-renown as an email marketing solution, MailChimp's platform has evolved recently. This includes features to improve email communications for small businesses.

With integrations, email templates, custom forms, segmentation and groups and geolocation, the vast range of options are ideal for brands focusing on email marketing automation.

email marketing automation

Mailchimp also allows you to gather more information about the effectiveness of your campaign so you can learn what works best for your target market. There are a range of free features as well as premium options, including email tracking, success rates and subscriber management.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is an application designed for end-to-end marketing automation. While email marketing automation is certainly a function within this, the application has features to improve the customer journey at all stages and unify information from clients.

Email features include templates, audience segmentation, programmatic journeys, as well as real-time emails with personalisation elements.

Dynamics 365 Marketing is an advanced marketing software that is ideal for growing SME businesses but scalable to enterprise-size companies as well.

mailchimp vs dynamics 365

With landing page capability, web forms, social media posting, analytics tools and lead management solutions, alongside email management solutions, the application is designed to help businesses make more intelligent, data-backed decisions in their marketing efforts.

Dynamics 365 Marketing can also integrate with a wide range of other Microsoft applications, such as Excel, Outlook and more. But perhaps more importantly, it can significantly enhance the experience of organisations already using Dynamics 365 Sales as a CRM system, where it's able to join up more key sales details.

Comparing Mailchimp & Dynamics 365 Marketing

Both platforms are web-based and mobile responsive, so they're easily accessible to the whole team. Improving your business's communications is so important and if you are looking to use a wide range of marketing techniques, you will only be able to master emails with MailChimp.

Both platforms are useful for small businesses or marketing professionals, but Dynamics 365 Marketing edges ahead with its larger range of features and seamless integration of marketing and sales information.

Mailchimp vs Dynamics 365 Marketing: Conclusion

At the end of the day, the solution of choice will link to what level your marketing is at.

If email marketing is your main focus, Mailchimp currently has the edge with more specialised features at present. But that’s not to count Dynamics 365 Marketing out – twice-yearly feature updates mean this relatively new application delivers new functionality all the time.

For a unified marketing solution, Dynamics 365 has far more to offer. Being able to deploy and track multi-channel marketing campaigns from a single platform is a huge plus. This can also fill in many of the gaps around the effectiveness of your email campaigns after the fact.

At Akita Intelligent Solutions, we typically recommend Dynamics 365 Marketing as the professional solution for scalable marketing. However, we also integrate MailChimp for organisations wanting Dynamics 365 Sales but with enhanced email capability.

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