Microsoft Dynamics 365 is constantly evolving, with new features being added

To accommodate this, legacy features are sometimes modified or discontinued to make way for changes. The following Dynamics 365 Customer Service depreciations have been identified that are worth being aware of:

Support for some knowledge management entities

From the start of October 2021, KbArticle, KbArticleComment, and KbArticleTemplate's knowledge management entities won't be supported. Microsoft is advising users to switch to the KnowledgeArticle entity, introduced in 2016, instead.

Internet Explorer 11 support for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform

Internet Explorer 11 support for Dynamics 365 has been deprecated since December 2020. But as of August 2021, Internet Explorer 11 itself will not be supported. Microsoft advises customers to transition to Edge as a safer alternative.

Automatic record creation rules

Automatic record creation and update rules for Microsoft's web client have been deprecated since October 2020. The web client is scheduled for end of life on October 1st 2021. Until then, Microsoft will continue to offer support and critical security updates. Customers are advised to migrate any automatic record creation rules created using web client to Unified Interface experience as soon as possible.

dynamics 365 customer service depreciations

SLA items in web client

Service-level agreements created using web client have been deprecated since October 2020. As with automatic record creation rules, these agreements will also need to be migrated to the Unified Interface experience. SLA items will also continue to receive support and vital security updates until the end of life at the start of October 2021.

Service scheduling Dynamics 365 Customer Service depreciations

The scheduling functionality in Dynamics 365 has been deprecated since December 2020. A replacement scheduling experience built on Universal Resource Scheduling has since become available through Unified Interface.

Contracts, Contract Line Items, and Contract Templates entities

The above entities are now deprecated but will remain supported until April 2022. They, in turn, are replaced by the 'entitlement' functionality in Unified Interface.

Standard SLAs in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

SLAs in Dynamics 365 with the Type field set to 'standard' are now deprecated and slated for removal in a future major release (timeline unspecified), to be replaced with enhanced SLAs.

Customer Service Insights standalone app

The standalone Customer Service Insights app is also scheduled for deprecation later this year. Customers using this app won't be able to access their working environments after December 2021, and the standalone app will cease to work. However, the Customer Service Insights feature and core application will continue to be supported. Users with Enterprise licences won't be able to create new workspaces but can access existing ones.

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