Discover Team Member licences and the benefits they offer Organisations using Dynamics 365.

Discover Team Member licences and the benefits they offer organisations using Dynamics 365.

What are Dynamics 365 Team Member licences?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Member licences are a simplified form of Dynamics 365 licences. They are designed for users that require access to basic Dynamics 365 functionality but are perhaps not tied to a particular Dynamics 365 role (such as marketing or sales).

The Team Member licence includes read-only access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 instances, plus some write access for select, light tasks and functions.

Why is a Team Member licence useful?

Imagine a member of staff in admin who may need to refer to accounts, HR, sales and marketing or field service information, but not necessarily need to edit these areas.

A full licence for this member of staff isn’t really required. However, a Team Member licence can let them perform the tasks they need to at a significantly reduced cost.

What actions can a user perform with a Team Member licence?

Inside an organisation running the Customer Engagement Plan (including sales, marketing, project management, customer and field service activities) a Team Member licence will allow users to:

  • Write access to Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Tasks and notes
  • Record time and expense for Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, and apply for projects
  • Update personal information
  • User Reporting and dashboards
  • Edit some Custom Entities
  • Participate in Dynamics 365-based services such as responding to surveys, or applying for projects

This is often more than enough access for admin or junior staff who don’t need to be making edits.

What are the requirements for the Dynamics 365 Team Member licences?

The only requirement to run Team Member licensing is that there is at least one full user assigned to the Dynamics 365 instance to administer and configure the service.

For some organisations, this means that only a handful of people would actually need a full licence: the rest could be using Team Member licences at a fraction of the cost.

How can I get Team Member licences for my users?

We are a Microsoft Tier One Provider, so can provide Team Member licences at the same cost of buying directly from Microsoft. For more information, please get in touch.

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