As of the 1st of October 2024, Microsoft Dynamics 365's pricing structure will be changed.

Microsoft will implement a new Dynamics 365 pricing update for several products, marking the first increase in over five years. Whilst price increases aren’t necessarily a welcome adjustment, Microsoft highlights the substantial innovations made across the Dynamics 365 suite as a foundation for this change.

Key Innovations In Dynamics 365

Over the past five years, Microsoft has consistently enhanced the Dynamics 365 platforms, introducing new capabilities and improving existing functionalities. These advancements are designed to offer more robust solutions that help organisations streamline operations and enhance customer engagements. Enhancements include:

Artificial Intelligence Integration: AI has been integrated across Dynamics 365 applications to provide predictive insights and automated decision-making capabilities. For instance, Dynamics 365 Sales now includes AI-driven insights that help sales teams identify potential leads, understand customer needs better, and personalise interactions based on predictive analytics.

Unified Interface: The introduction of a unified interface across Dynamics 365 apps has streamlined user experiences and improved accessibility. This cohesive user experience ensures that regardless of the product, users experience a consistent, intuitive interface that enhances productivity.

Enhanced Data Security And Compliance Tools: With the rise in data breaches and stringent compliance regulations, Microsoft bolstered Dynamics 365’s security frameworks. Enhanced features include advanced data loss prevention, improved compliance protocols, and more robust data encryption, ensuring that businesses can safeguard sensitive information more effectively.

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New Pricing Details

The forthcoming price adjustment affects several Dynamics 365 products, with increases generally ranging between 10 to 20 dollars per license. This revision pertains to both monthly and annual subscriptions. Here’s a summary of the new pricing for key products starting from October 1, 2024:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise: From $95 to $105

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise: From $95 to $105

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service: From $95 to $105

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance: From $180 to $210

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: From $180 to $210

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce: From $180 to $210

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources: From $120 to $135

Impact On Existing Customers

Current Dynamics 365 customers will continue at their present rates until their subsequent renewal date post-October 1, 2024.

Charitable Organisations

Charitable and non-profit licenses will also see an increment consistent with the commercial rates. This change underscores the uniform application of the pricing strategy across all sectors.

Unchanged And Affected Product Pricing

It’s important to note that not all Dynamics 365 products are subject to price changes. Products like Dynamics 365 Sales Professional, Customer Service Professional, and Business Central will maintain their current pricing. Additionally, the pricing for 'attach' SKUs will remain unchanged for now.

Preparing For The Dynamics 365 Pricing Update

The upcoming Dynamics 365 pricing update reflects Microsoft's ongoing commitment to delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern organisations. While the increase might impact budgeting for some, the continuous enhancements and added functionalities across the Dynamics 365 suite ensure that organisations receive value for their investment.

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