SharePoint is a powerful application used to enhance various business processes such as internal and external collaboration, file storage and document management, workflow automation, project management and more.

The benefits of SharePoint training become clear when considering the application’s extensive functionality and the fact that organisations often underutilise their instances. Below we highlight 5 ways that organisations can improve their processes with the help of SharePoint training.

Training To Use Document Management

A key benefit of SharePoint training resides in the use of its document management capabilities. Training equips employees with the knowledge to create and manage sites, share documents, collaborate on projects, and automate workflows, resulting in increased efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Employees understand how to effectively organise, categorise, and search for documents. This leads to streamlined document retrieval, reduced duplication, and better control over document versioning and access rights.

Training To Collaborate Effectively Over SharePoint

SharePoint encourages improved collaboration both internally and externally. With the use of intranets for internal comms and extranets for external comms, organisations can simplify communications, providing a central hub for exchanging information.

The benefits of SharePoint training for collaboration purposes consist of employees increasing their collaboration internally and externally due to the ease of use. Making collaboration more convenient is the best way to promote it, and fully understanding how to use SharePoint as a collaboration tool creates that convenience.

Grasping features such as version control, co-authoring, and discussion boards is vital to enhance teamwork, knowledge sharing, customer service and overall productivity.

benefits of sharepoint training

Training To Utilise Automation Capabilities

SharePoint allows organisations to automate and streamline business processes. Organisations can enjoy the benefits of SharePoint training which allows employees to gain the skills to design and implement workflows, integrate with other systems, and automate repetitive tasks. This boosts productivity, reduces manual effort, and ensures consistency in business processes.

Training To Understand Security Features

SharePoint provides robust security features, and the benefits of SharePoint training are that it enables employees to understand how to set up permissions, manage access levels, and enforce data governance policies. This ensures data security and compliance with regulatory requirements, safeguarding sensitive information.

Training To Tailor SharePoint To Organisational Needs

Additional benefits of SharePoint training include enabling employees to customise and extend the platform to suit the organisation's unique needs. Training equips employees with the skills to customise SharePoint sites, create custom workflows, design forms, and develop solutions using SharePoint's APIs. This enhances user experience, drives innovation, and reduces the reliance on external consultants or additional software solutions.

Discover The Benefits Of SharePoint Training For Your Organisation

SharePoint training allows organisations and their employees to maximise the platform's potential, resulting in improved efficiency, collaboration, document management, business processes and data security. It ensures that organisations get the most value from their SharePoint investment and remain competitive in the digital workplace.

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