Your current CRM may well have been the right choice when you first started using it, but is it still fit for purpose?

Here are five signs that it might be time to investigate an alternative CRM for your business.

1. You're having integration problems

How many of your other systems does your CRM integrate with? Can it be connected to your emails, your website, your social media accounts, your prospecting software? If the answer is "no" - and you find that you're having to enter information manually when it could be automated - it may be time to look for a new CRM solution.

2. It's not mobile-friendly

Especially now, with so many employees working at home, it's vital that the CRM you use can be accessed - and accessed in a user-friendly way - by mobile devices. Does it work as you'd like it to via mobile phone or tablet?

3. Your CRM is not user-friendly

Some CRM systems can become clunky or slow as more and more data is added. Others may simply be difficult to navigate, their search functionality may be lacking, or the design may not be the right fit for your organisation. Sometimes, user experience issues are hard to spot until you start using the system. If your choice really isn't user-friendly at all, it could result in employees failing to use it as you'd like them to.

4. Not growing with your business? Time for a new CRM

Many CRM systems, particularly if free, will only offer access for a limited number of users. What happens if you need to increase this number? Alternatively, it may be that, as your business grows, you need your CRM to perform additional functions that simply aren't possible with your current choice.

5. Your CRM doesn't save you time

A good CRM should save your employees time. For sales staff, for example, it should be able to create and distribute emails, organise information...even remove duplicate records and create reports for various elements of your business. If you're finding that your team is spending far more time on these basic administrative tasks rather than their key roles within your company, then a new choice of CRM should help.

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