Improve your organisation's SharePoint knowledge

Get your business up to speed with Microsoft SharePoint user and administrator training.

Our expert SharePoint consultants can provide training that gets your users up to speed with SharePoint, teaching the tricks and shortcuts that will get them working more efficiently. And we can deliver advanced SharePoint administrator training to provide your organisation with ongoing in-house expertise.

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Business SharePoint Training

We tailor our training to both SharePoint best practice and organisational procedures. This ensures that SharePoint is used correctly for your organisation’s needs, while users also get the maximum use of features available.

Akita conducts training in the way that serves your organisation best. Whether as a practical one-on-one lesson, face-to-face group training sessions, or via a Microsoft Teams video conference, our consultants are comfortable delivering training that will keep your audience engaged.

We can also structure training based on role and seniority. Different departments will likely use your solution in different ways, so we can tailor our Microsoft SharePoint training to help each group to get the most out of the platform.

Micrsoft SharePoint Administrator Training

Organisations looking to manage their SharePoint instance in-house will need an administrator to oversee key permission, file and content changes. While the role does not necessarily require someone from an IT or technical background, it is highly advisable that the chosen administrator is given sufficient advanced training in Microsoft SharePoint.

Our administrator training sessions are ideally conducted one-to-one or in small groups to allow us to cover the depth of technical knowledge required.

As well as providing training knowledge we can also guide trainees on the procedural approach and the types of documents and policies they may have and maintain. And if needed, we can also provide your administrator with support for a fixed or ongoing period until they are fully comfortable with the role.

About Akita Intelligent Solutions

Akita Intelligent Solutions is a leading provider of digital transformation consultancy and solutions, training and working with organisations across the UK and internationally.

Our expert SharePoint consultants have experience working with a wide variety of organisations across a broad range of transformation projects and requirements. As such, they’re able to suggest and implement solutions that have been proven to deliver improved working efficiency across organisations. They’re also able to teach users how to get maximum return from SharePoint as an application.

Our SharePoint consultants’ expertise also extends into wider business systems and processes. So they’ll also be able to provide best practice guidance around wider business systems, suggesting where changes in processes can help drive greater productivity.

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