Smarter Working On The Go

Microsoft has developed Teams and Dynamics 365 as productivity drivers. And the two applications pair well together, allowing you to boost the utility of your CRM with ease by solution by unifying it with your central communication platform.

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Benefits Of Dynamics 365 And Teams

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Teams can massively help workplace productivity.

There’s the convenience of not needing to switch between the apps as you normally would help to reduce lag within a company, especially as records can be worked on by several people at once.

And then there’s the additional utility of having all of your organisation’s data within your mobile unified communication platform.

By combining Teams with your Microsoft CRM system, processes will become massively streamlined and far more efficient. This strong collaboration will result in more sales, as well as better consumer relationships.

Dynamics 365 & Teams Basic Integration

Administrators with access to both Microsoft Dynamics and  Teams will be able to activate the ‘Basic’ Microsoft Teams Collaboration function.

On the relevant Teams channel, you can use the ‘plus’ button near the Conversations and Files headings to add a new tab – you can then select Dynamics 365.

By choosing the CRM Hub in the subsequent options, you will thus be able to connect your team members to the same files within Dynamics.

You will then be able to edit or peruse Dynamics 365 records via Teams, supporting working on the go.

Enhanced Collaboration Options

Alongside the above functionality, an ‘Enhanced’ collaboration function is also available. The main added advantage of Enhanced Collaboration is the ability for users to connect views or records to a model-driven Dynamics 365 app.

dynamics 365 team integration

For organisations that operate on the go, a more in-depth Teams-CRM connection can be highly valuable. Akita’s consultants can work with organisations to understand their work processes and determine the best strategy for integration. We can also look at where other integrations (such as SharePoint or Power Apps) would be effective.

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