Utilise Business Central to better manage the storage of your products and more accurately track your distribution

Simplify the management of your operations with warehousing and distribution ERP systems.

Customer experience is now an integral part of brand loyalty, and the speed and accuracy of dispatch are almost as important as the quality of the product purchased.

Business Central provides a flexible solution for keeping track of where your products are, and where they need to be.

Combined with marketing, sales, production and account solutions within Business Central, you’ll be able to follow order details from lead to completion from one location, providing powerful BI about your operations in the process.

Warehouse Management ERP

Business Central provides a smart warehousing ERP solution that improves stock management and working efficiency.

By mapping the layout of your space and the dimensions of your racks, Business Central can support a flexible storage system that prioritises the nearest available bin spaces. Combined with barcoding and accurate stock tracking, you can make your space work for your operations rather than the other way around.

Business Central can also help to automate and create smarter picking lists, maximising the efficiency of your staff in their picking tasks.

And by combining intelligent warehouse mapping with accurate picking information, you’ll always be on top of the state of your inventory, ready to feed information back to marketing, sales and production.

Distribution ERP Solution

With Business Central as your distribution ERP solution, you’ll have a better way to dispatch and track your orders.

Business Central makes it easy to keep track of your inventory at every step. Warehouse instruction documents, pick lists, and shipping and tracking details can all be stored against purchase records and customer accounts.

Using Power Apps, product checks and sign-off can also be recorded directly from the warehouse floor as orders are dispatched, offering full accountability for orders.

Any shipping details can then be associated with purchases or accounts, with automatic email alerts sent to customers to update them at key stages of their purchase’s journey.

distribution erp

And in the reverse, transfers and returns can be accurately tracked from item return to restocking, minimising stock wastage.

Warehousing & Distribution ERP solutions with Akita

Akita develops warehousing and distribution ERPs as standalone systems or as integral parts of business-wide solutions.

To ensure the success of projects, we meticulously study your setup and requirements in our consultancy phase to establish how Business Central functionality can maximise your productivity.

Once we’ve developed Business Central to meet your requirements, we’ll meticulously plan deployment to work cooperatively with your operations. Naturally covering training, we can also include a phased launch of your system, with our technical consultants overseeing success on-site if needed.

To discuss warehouse and distribution ERP solutions developed in Business Central, please get in touch.

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