From logging leads to creating custom reports, we can train staff and management to better use Microsoft Dynamics.

Trust Akita’s Microsoft Dynamics training to get the most from your CRM system

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Microsoft Dynamics Training

Microsoft Dynamics can open up a world of possibilities for running and reporting on an organisation. But that is dependent on staff being able to use it in the first place.

While Microsoft Dynamics is an intuitive solution to learn, there are nuances to understand and advanced features to master. Akita provides Microsoft Dynamics training as part of any new ERP or CRM project that we undertake. So should users of an existing Dynamics instance need training, we’re well placed to be able to assist.

Training takes place in whatever way is most convenient for you: at your location, at our offices, or via Teams video conference.


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Tailored Training

Before the session, we’ll scope out what you want to achieve from training and how the success of the session can be measured. We can then shape our training based on the nature of your CRM or ERP instance, the job roles of the users and their perceived skills gaps.

On the back of training, we’ll provide a presentation or film of the session to you so that staff can refer back to the areas covered. We will also take staff feedback on-board and assess if there are improvements that can be made to your Microsoft Dynamics instance to help make your staff’s jobs easier.

Dynamics Training For Management

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics, it can be management that needs help.

Managers aren’t necessarily the ones using Microsoft Dynamics on a day-in-day-out basis, but they are the ones shaping the direction of the business. And given that data can be sensitive, it’s not always appropriate to ask more junior staff in the business for help.

Microsoft Dynamics training for management can be conducted in groups or on a one-to-one basis, and refined to the areas of business that managers are responsible for. Training can be generalised or cover specific tasks, such as how to perform reporting from Microsoft Dynamics and how to review and process data.

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Ongoing Dynamics Training & Support

Once a training session has been run, we can provide ongoing remote support for staff using Microsoft Dynamics.

This will allow them to submit any ‘how-to’ questions they may have, or get instructions on how to set up specific reports. Should their requirements change as their skills improve, we can assist with more advanced reports and dashboards.

For more information, visit our dedicated support page:

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