Enhance your Microsoft Dynamics instance by integrating third party software and additional Microsoft apps. We can support Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations with third-party software as well as other Microsoft apps.

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Third-Party Integrations

Integrating third-party software with Microsoft Dynamics can create new workplace efficiencies. From speeding up invoicing and ordering to automating sales engagement, combining key business systems will make your organisation more efficient.

Combining Dynamics with your external software can also improve overall business intelligence. Having data from all areas of a business located centrally makes it easier to scrutinise, allowing managers and owners to make better-informed decisions. Whatever the software, Microsoft Dynamics can often utilise the data held in these platforms to generate new insight and create new process efficiencies.

Common Dynamics 365 integrations

We regularly assist organisations with the following Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations:

  • Accounts software – Allowing data to flow from Sage, Xero and Quickbooks into Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Mailchimp – Supporting communications professionals with list configuration and mass emailing capabilities from within Dynamics 365.
  • Outlook – One-click tracking of emails to Dynamics 365, and access to CRM information from Outlook.
  • Linkedin – View data from the world’s leading business social media platform from within Dynamics 365.
  • Marketing automation – Single or bi-directional flow of data from marketing platform such as Hubspot, Marketo and more.
  • Teams – Collaborate seamlessly, enhance engagement and work in a more integrated way using Dynamics 365 in Microsoft Teams

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Simplifying Microsoft Dynamics Integrations

Our consultants make complex integrations simple. We’ll use the right middleware to ensure secure integration between your software and Dynamics. We then ensure that fields are mapped correctly so that all valuable data is identified and can pass between the two platforms.

Once the integration is complete, we can also set up new reports and dashboards that utilise the data now available. This ensures you get the most use and value from your Dynamics integration.

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Microsoft Power Automate

Looking for smarter interactions between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft applications such as Teams and SharePoint? Microsoft Power Automate can get these applications working together, creating automated workflow processes that generate time efficiencies for users.

Plus Power Automate can get Dynamics 365 to talk to over 200 other non-Microsoft applications as well.

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Power Automate

Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft now offers a large number of its own apps that can be integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics instance via AppSource. Solutions cover everything from electronic document signing, to payroll management, to Power Apps solutions.

If you’re looking to add specific new functionality to your Microsoft Dynamics instance, we can help you select the right app. We’ll then ensure the app is fully configured and, importantly, that you know how to get the best from your new solution.

We can also find the best way to store your apps so that they use as little space as possible within your Microsoft Dynamics storage.

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