Discover Microsoft SharePoint's capabilities and features as a document management system.

A SharePoint document management system provides smarter solutions for storing, sharing and collaborating on documents, saving businesses time and money.

With the right Office 365 Business licences, your organisation can access 1TB of SharePoint Online storage at no additional cost – let us show you how to make best use of it.

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What is a document management system?

A document management system is a software solution for storing, managing and tracking documents and files.

Small businesses typically start by using a file management solution (such as found in Windows).

But as organisations grow, file managers can soon become overly complex. Important documents get lost in nests of folders and are undiscoverable with the basic search functionality available. There’s often no architecture to a file manager either, meaning any user can move (or delete) files as they please.

Smarter Management

A document management system provides a smarter way of storing documents. It provides a defined architecture that cannot be edited by all users and can only be added to in a structured way.

It is, therefore, is an efficiency driver as a business grows, as staff are able to find documents with ease – even if the system extends to hundreds of gigabytes of documents.

SharePoint as a Document Management System

Microsoft SharePoint is a multi-functional software solution for document management and collaboration. It allows businesses to store files in a more intelligent way, with access to documents based on role and requirement.

SharePoint also makes use of advanced search options to find documents. Alongside a powerful search bar, meta-tagging of documents allows users to cut through folders and filter for documents by type or association (eg. all documents relating to a particular company, or all documents marked as contracts).

In its cloud configuration (an on-premise option is also available), SharePoint can allow for secure access on-the-go, from PC or mobile device. And both the on-premise and cloud versions of SharePoint allow for document collaboration. This means that users located potentially in different locations around the world can work on documents simultaneously, driving greater efficiency.

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an effective replacement for file servers, SharePoint Online has specific design elements developed to support business

Microsoft SharePoint As A File Server

Included with Office 365 licences, SharePoint Online entitles organisations to 1TB of cloud storage at no extra charge, making it ideal to replace existing file servers

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Improved Document Control & Security

SharePoint’s features make it excellent as a document control system. It allows for files and documents to be tracked by access and changes. This is important not only for viewing any user changes but also for security: documents containing personal data that get lost are technically a GDPR breach.

As per other Microsoft products, SharePoint is intuitive to use and manage. Tasks such as uploading and sharing documents can be performed simply, while administrators can make changes and updates to your document management system with ease.

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Document Systems With Akita

Akita is a Microsoft Gold Partner, offering end-to-end service for creating SharePoint document manager and document library solutions.

We’ll undertake scoping and necessary consultancy, then develop and structure your SharePoint instance based on your requirements. We’ll even take time to design and style your document management system in line with your company’s website or branding.

We can then train staff on how to use it and ensure it’s properly rolled out in your organisation.

As desired, we can provide a periodic review to see if changes or new functionality might make your system more efficient.

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