Microsoft has announced details of its Dynamics 365 October release.

And if the 240+ page release notes are to be believed it promises to be a good one!

With much to look forward to here’s some of the highlights:

Dynamics 365 becomes a ‘dynamic’ business application

For some time, Microsoft has been trying to change the perception of Dynamics 365 as purely a CRM platform. It’s certainly made leaps and bounds in this direction, now becoming a real competitor within the sales and marketing software arena. The Dynamics 365 October release will see this trend continue, with further enhancements to sales and marketing functionality as well as efforts to tie the two closer together by aligning marketing activity and account strategies.

There also promises to be new developments to Customer Service and Field Service, as well as further integration and functionality for Microsoft Social Engagement.

Rise of the robots: Dynamics 365 AI for Sales

More developments for sales - this time with an AI twist. Dynamics 365 AI for Sales will not only deliver key performance data for sales teams (including individual score cards), it will also allow managers to conduct Q&A-type conversations with Dynamics 365 about the data. Dynamics 365 AI for Sales will also help sales people to prioritise their leads with predictive lead scoring. Spooky.

Greater Power platform capabilities

The Dynamics community has already embraced the Power BI and PowerApps solutions with open arms. Now Microsoft will integrate further functionality into these applications. By combining them with solutions such as workflow creator Microsoft Flow and Office 365, Microsoft will unlock new functionality and possibilities for users.

This development is indicative of the overall trend for Microsoft to provide deeper cross-product functionality. We expect to see more going on here in the near future, particularly relating to the functionality of the Dynamics 365 for Outlook app.

More about the Dynamics 365 October release

There's a lot going on in the Dynamics 365 October release. We’ll be sure to go into some of the major developments in more depth soon.

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