Important changes are coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 fully transitions to the Unified Interface, Microsoft will be removing support for legacy Automatic Record Creation (ARC) rules and legacy SLAs

The changes to Automatic Case Creations will happen on 21st October 2021, but there's still plenty of time before then for businesses to ensure their migration is complete before this date.

What are legacy Automatic Record Creation (ARC) rules SLAs?

Automatic Case Creation is a rule-based trigger that can turn actions, such as receiving an email, into an action in Dynamics 365. It’s a complex process that many organisations tailor for their specific requirements (eg. emails to helpdesk triggering a support request, sales enquiries creating a new lead etc.).

automatic case creations

While most Dynamics 365 processes have already moved over, some of the more complex processes are yet to be migrated.

The change in October means that Microsoft will be switching off the legacy rules, so they won’t run anymore. Legacy rules are ones that have been created in the classic user interface, not the new UCI.

Why the change in Automatic Case Creations?

This move is part of Microsoft’s push away from Dynamics Workflows. Going forward, the new Automatic Record Creation rules and SLAs leverage the power of Power Automate (once known as Flow, but now much improved).

This means there is the added bonus of being able to customise exactly what happens when an ARC Rule is triggered, or when an SLA hits the warning stage.

How should organisations prepare for the removal of support?

Microsoft has made things easy for businesses by preparing a tool that can be used to easily migrate existing legacy Automatic Record Creation rules and SLAs over to the new Unified Interface Rules. The tool will allow clients to select which rules they wish to migrate over, leaving behind any which aren't needed. Failures can also be tracked and issues resolved.

For this reason, it's important to begin the process of migration well before the October 31st deadline, in order to ensure that there is plenty of time to review and fix any issues which do arise in the migration.

To use Microsoft's migration tool, head to the Microsoft Customer Service Hub app and navigate through Service Management to the ARC & SLA Migration tool.

What other upcoming customer service depreciations are in the works?

Along with Automatic Record Creation rules, Microsoft has announced other upcoming depreciations. This includes the loss of Internet Explorer 11 support from Dynamics 365 in August 2021 and the depreciation of the Customer Service Insights app in December 2021.

There is also a range of upcoming depreciations due to happen in 2022; a full list has been published here.

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