Professional Microsoft CRM & ERP Support Services

Akita’s expert consultants provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 support plans and services to organisations across the UK and internationally.

Whether you require ad hoc Microsoft CRM 0r ERP support, or ongoing assistance via a Dynamics 365 support plan, we can support your Microsoft Dynamics requirements.

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Microsoft Dynamics Managed Support Service: Meeting All Requirements


Day-to-day support your existing Microsoft CRM or ERP system


Change views, modify workflows and remove fields to make your organisation more effective


Modify dashboard reports or have custom Power BI reports created


External management of Microsoft's bi-annual updates and other third party updates

User Management & Training

Add and remove users as required and bring new starters up to speed with your setup

Dynamics 365 Managed Service Support Plans

For ongoing support requirements, we offer managed service plans. This provides organisations with a more cost-effective way of supporting their instance and accessing a range of Dynamics-related services.

Our managed service plan offers banked time for break/fix support for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications. All support requests are dealt with by our team of Microsoft-accredited consultants and managed to strict contractual SLAs.Time can also be used for application changes, consultancy and small development items further training and project planning for your next phase of development.

dynamics 365 support

Organisations can use time at the frequency they require, with any unused banked time rolling over from month to month.

Wider Microsoft 365 Managed Support

Alongside our Intelligent Solutions team, Akita has a full IT managed service division. As such, we have both the capacity and expertise to discuss all of an organisation’s Microsoft 365 support and development requirements.

We operate a 24-hour helpdesk and a team of Microsoft experts able to support solutions from Azure to Visio. As such, we’re uniquely positioned to deal with all of an organisation’s Microsoft 365 requirements, from migration to cloud management, security and daily support.

To discuss more about a 360 degree support solution for your Microsoft 365 setup please get in touch.

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Dynamics 365 Support For Leading University

Organisations of all sizes make use of our support managed service. Discover how it benefits a leading UK university:

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Ad Hoc Support & Wider Microsoft 365 Support

For organisations looking for immediate assistance with an issue, we can provide Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform support on an ad hoc basis. We support Dynamics 365 in all its forms, and can also provide assistance with legacy Microsoft Dynamics support requirements.

Support is charged on an hourly basis and is open to all organisations, not just existing customers. Assistance will be provided by one of our expert consultants and all requests are dealt with quickly.

If it’s more cost-effective to deal with your issue as a standalone project, we’ll provide a project quote at a discounted rate. And should an organisation accessing ad hoc Microsoft CRM support find a benefit in support on a more regular basis, we’ll be happy to discuss tailoring our support managed service to your requirements.

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About Akita Intelligent Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in digital success solutions, we design, develop and support business intelligence technologies for organisations across the UK and internationally.

Our Microsoft Dynamics support is utilised by organisations ranging from industry to education institutions. Our service offers them peace of mind around their Microsoft CRM or ERP solution that expertise is always on hand as they need it.

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