Migration partner for organisations moving to Microsoft ERP and CRM solutions

Our Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamics 365 migration services can get you away from your existing solution and up and running with a new Dynamics solution quickly.

Whatever your current CRM, ERP or data solution, our migration process will ensure all of your organisation’s valuable information is successfully transferred to your new Dynamics 365 setup with minimal stress or business interruption. And we can even train and support users post-go live if you wish.

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Third-Party CRM To Microsoft Dynamics Migration

Looking to move to Dynamics 365 from a non-Microsoft solution? Let us simplify the process.

Our migration process begins with stakeholder engagement to assess the issues with your current CRM system and the drivers for moving to a new Microsoft solution.

This is followed by an audit of your existing CRM setup. This establishes what in your current system works and can be kept, what can be discarded or improved, and what your new solution needs to achieve that your old solution couldn’t achieve.

Whether coming from Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot or another solution, you can be sure our Dynamics 365 migration services make it simple to shift to Microsoft’s solution.

A New Dynamics 365 Setup Tailored To Your Requirements

Once we’ve extracted the best from your existing system, we’ll tailor Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your requirements or business goals.

This can include recreating former workflows, mapping your data and integrating any required software. Alternatively, with guidance from our experts, we can create new workflow processes that take advantage of Microsoft’s functionality and help your teams work more efficiently with the capabilities of the new CRM platform.

When you’re ready to go live, we’ll provide user training and offer ongoing support to ensure your new Dynamics 365 system is adopted successfully.

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Dynamics 365 migration has made sales processes simpler and more efficient

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Case Study: Salesforce To D365 Sales Migration

Discover how Akita can simplify the process of migrating to Dynamics 365 from other CRM systems in our case study:

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Legacy Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 migration

Alongside migrations from third-party CRM or ERP solutions, we also oversee migrations between different versions of Dynamics.

Whether you’re looking to move from Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365, On-Premise to a cloud-hosted solution, or upgrade your ERP system from Navision to Business Central, we’ll be able to assist you with your project.

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Microsoft Access to Dynamics 365

We can also migrate Microsoft Access into Microsoft Dynamics 365, improving the usability and management of data held in these databases.

Dynamics 365 offers smarter ways of using and managing Access data – whether that’s tracking sales leads, capturing marketing lists or running finances and accounts.

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Post-migration Support & Training

Once your new Dynamics 365 solution is completed and signed off, we can then provide training. This will cover user best practices as well as focus on the differences between your old and new systems. User adoption training, therefore, helps staff understand your new Dynamics instance quickly, ensuring minimal business disruption takes place as the changeover occurs.

And should you require it, we can also provide ongoing support for your Dynamics 365 setup as a managed service, allowing you to draw down time as needed for minor changes, support items or further focused training.

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