Dynamics 365 can help you take control of every aspect of your work flow process.

Visualise and take control of every aspect of your business workflow, with a Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing or heavy industry solution.

From the sourcing of parts or raw materials to endpoint customer support, track the progress and efficiency of your operations. Easy-to-follow reporting and data visualisation tools help to show progress, while notifications can alert you to potential issues before they happen.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also be integrated with your other manufacturing software. From barcoding to environmental monitoring, you can get the full picture of your operations from one service.

ERP solutions for manufacturing & industrial businesses

We develop ERP systems in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central and Dynamics Navision.

Dynamics 365 can help you track changes at every stage of your production and sales cycle. It can also help you generate more accurate predictions of cost and potential revenue, as well as predict peaks and troughs in demand so you can deploy resources as necessary.

Akita can help tailor a Microsoft Dynamics instance to be as involved in your manufacturing operations as you need it to be. Tasks it can achieve include:

  • Stay on top of supply levels, predict rises in demand and setup order alerting when stock levels get low.
  • Track production capacity throughout your operations and shape demand generation in line with supplies and resources.
  • Record and follow parts and products through production stages and follow long term performance before and after-sale.
  • Track profitability at every stage of your operations, even accounting for real-time fluctuations in raw material pricing.

See how Microsoft Dynamics can benefit manufacturing at every stage of your operations:

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Our Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing solutions

To find out more about the solutions we've deployed for companies, read our Dynamics 365 for manufacturing case study.

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