With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, you can enhance recruitment efforts by shortening the time to fill roles, reducing your cost per hire.

Create a collaborative experience across candidates, recruiters and hiring managers with Microsoft Dynamic 365 for talent management and recruitment. Keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the process, resulting in talent always selecting you as their first choice.


  • Connect to market solutions
    Link to LinkedIn Talent Solutions to find top candidates.
  • Candidate profiling
    Streamline applicants through automated self-assessments completed by the candidates, reducing workload for HR staff.
  • Manage the recruitment process
    Select and manage top candidates through the interview cycle with calendars and automation.
  • Engender engagement
    Simplify feedback and methods for candidate questioning to keep candidates engaged.
  • Capture and keep candidates
    Create, track and personalise on-boarding experiences for successful candidates, with resource and document sharing functionality to help them to get up to speed even before their first day.


  • Attract
    Simplify talent acquisition and ensure you employ the best people.
  • Empower
    Engage potential and existing employees with career opportunities.
  • Optimise
    Drive cost-efficiencies and reduce the time to hire by analysing recruitment strategies and processes.
  • Automate
    Reduce workloads for HR staff by using automated engagement solutions for candidates, both at the recruitment and on-boarding stage.

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