What is Project Operations?

Project Operations is an advanced solution designed to support all aspects of projects and their management.

Covering every stage of a project from tender through to final billing, Project Operations offers the tools and data insights needed to simplify the running of projects and ensure that they are delivered successfully on time and on budget.

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Features of Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Project Operations combines elements of Microsoft Project, Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 to deliver better end-to-end management of projects:

  • Project management – Tools for planning, monitoring and collaboration on effective project plans, with more of the key insights needed for project success available at your fingertips.
  • Resource scheduling – Intelligent scheduling solutions to ensure the right people are available for projects at the right time.
  • Finance management & forecasting – From initial quote through to final billing, ensure accurate budgeting, project accounting and expense management to keep projects in the black.
  • Productivity visualisation – Stay on top of project performance with data visualisations that can quickly explain project progress, resources used, cashflow and more.

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Benefits of Project Operations

Complete project oversight – Unlike any application before, Project Operations allows you to control every aspect that contributes to project success from a central place.

Collaborative – Project Operations simplifies project communication, keeping stakeholders updated on plans and latest insights. You can even utilise solutions such as Microsoft Teams to run more joined-up communications around projects, with replies synced to Dynamics 365.

Increase profits and satisfaction – With Project Operations, bosses stay happy with healthy project profit margins, while customers stay satisfied with project delivery on time and budget.

Moving to Project Operations

As a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner, Akita can assist organisations with all aspects of Dynamics 365 Project Operations, including licensing, development and ongoing support.

And if you’re an existing Project Service Automation user, we can also assist you with an upgrade to Project Operations helping you to get the most of new features.

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