Undertaking a Dynamics 365 project can be a daunting process. As an experienced Microsoft Dynamics development consultancy, we make sure that you get the right results.

From the development of a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to the redevelopment or expansion of an existing instance, we can secure success whatever your project.

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Microsoft Dynamics Development Process

Akita follows an Agile project management methodology. We have found this to be the best approach for delivering Microsoft Dynamics projects on time and on budget (ror more information on this approach please see our Project Management page).

From the outset of your CRM or ERP project, we will aim to answer fundamental questions about the way you need your Microsoft Dynamics instance to work. This will ensure a satisfactory end result.

Dynamics Project Assessment

As part of stakeholder engagement and technical review, we'll assess the following:

What are the key business areas that need to be addressed by the project?

What data are you looking to import into your Microsoft Dynamics instance? Where is it currently stored within your organisation?

What information do you need your Microsoft Dynamics instance to capture?

How are you going to manage the way data is held, managed and reported upon? This could include details of companies, people, opportunities, leads and so on.

What information will you most commonly need to see? How often will reports need to be produced? Are there variables within these reports?

Are there documents, emails or files you’d like to include in Dynamics? If so, are there permissions that need to be associated with them?

Will you need to introduce new policies or procedures off the back of your Dynamics project? What training may be required? Will training documentation be required?

Keeping Dynamics Development Simple

We’ll develop functionality in sprints, providing updates as each stage is finished. If there are any requirements on your part, you’ll be given clear guidance and deadlines for completion.

Once your Dynamics 365 project is ready, we’ll provide you with a ‘sandbox’ testing area to try out your Dynamics instance. That way, you can be sure that your project works precisely as you want it to.

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Deployment & Support

When you’re ready, Akita will push your Microsoft Dynamics project live and ensure you’re comfortable using it. As part of this, we can provide engagement and training for senior management, either to teach them how to get the information they want or set up the automatic reports and Power BI data visualisations they require.

We can also run staff training sessions. Held onsite or via web conferencing, we can give employees the right level of knowledge and access required for their roles. And with our ongoing support offering, you can have someone on-hand for additional technical and 'how-to' queries, as well as further development requests.

Ongoing Support