Automate marketing activities & create smarter user journeys

Manage prospects, launch and monitor campaigns and demonstrate the ROI of marketing efforts with better tracking and attribution with a Microsoft Dynamics marketing solution.

Organisations choosing Dynamics 365 for marketing get a range of tools and solutions to make their marketing efforts more effective. And coupled with a sales solution, you can monitor your brand, understand your customers and find the most successful ways to reduce your sales cycle.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Features

Microsoft has invested heavily into Dynamics 365 Marketing to make it a true competitor to other established marketing automation platforms.

Not only does it now possess all of the functionality that a modern digital marketer needs and expects, but Dynamics 365 is also a powerful CRM solution – far surpassing the functionality of other automation software that claim to be CRM systems as well.

Discover more about the marketing features of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

User Journey

Multi-channel marketing
Plan and monitor campaigns across email, web, social and digital channels with collaborative workflows that keep internal and external teams working in harmony.

Lead management
Nurture contacts and move them through lead scoring systems. When contacts are ready to buy, pass them on to sales teams with full information around their engagement to date.

Understand customer journey
Model the entire user journey and establish the fastest paths to conversion across your marketing estate.

Emails & Campaigns

Email builder
Create and send professional-looking, customised emails from within Dynamics 365. Use the no-code, drag-and-drop builder to easily create emails, or utilise the HTML builder to code your own. Get full metrics on your campaigns (such as open and click rate information), as well as email heatmaps to visualise success.

Form & landing page builder
Create engaging landing pages for events, content download or custom contact with an intuitive drag and drop builder. Customise forms to your requirements and have fields auto-complete for returning visitors.

dynamics 365 marketing landing page builder

Event & webinar management
Easily organise physical and online events. Combine email and form functionality to target attendees, adapt your activities to increase sign-up, then follow-up with attendees with event feedback survery. For digital events, channel attendees into Microsoft Teams for secure and reliable digital webinars.

Create and send customer and user satisfaction surveys with ease using Microsoft Forms Pro. Have results trackback to Dynamics 365 account records and automatically trigger actions appropriately based on satisfaction levels.


Unify your data
Combine marketing data with wider information held in Dynamics 365 for new and useful insights. Show prospect lead scores to sales teams and let them decide how to engage.

Social marketing and monitoring
Track engagement and trends from your social campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from within Dynamics 365 and measure sentiment around your brand.

Marketing analytics
View predicted pipeline revenue, lead levels and get a clear understanding of campaign ROI.

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Get Started With A Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Solution From £400 a Month

Spread the cost of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution over 12 months and get a year's support included as part of our five-day deployment solution

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Benefits of Dynamics 365 For Marketing Professionals

  • Build brand – Deliver consistent, compelling content and experience across all touchpoints.
  • Automate marketing activities – Simplify time-consuming tasks and focus more time on campaigns.
  • Engage one-to-one – Personalise engagement and deliver targeted, relevant content at the right time.
  • Demonstrate value – Better understand marketing ROI and impact on sales pipeline and revenue.
  • Better align with sales –  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a widely used sales CRM solution. Utilising Dynamics 365 Marketing as well can deliver more joined-up data and enhanced business intelligence.

Marketing Automation Integrations

For organisations with pre-existing marketing solutions, Akita can integrate most marketing automation platforms with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

While many marketing platforms claim to be CRM systems, the experience is typically limited and underwhelming. Using these platforms as CRM systems can also get expensive when your number of contacts grows.

In contrast, Dynamics 365 offers advanced marketing CRM functionality and the option to share your marketing data across your wider organisation, from sales to field service.

Whether using the likes of Hubspot or Marketo, or email automation platforms such as MailChimp for emails, we’ll ensure you get the best from both platforms.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Costs

Akita can get your organisation started with Dynamics 365 Marketing for as little as £3,500 for a five-day implementation. Alternatively, the Dynamics 365 Marketing cost can be spread over a year at £400 per month with a support plan included.

We can also provide Dynamics 365 Marketing costs for custom development –  please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Organisations also require monthly tenant licence. And as a Microsoft partner, Akita can supply this at the same cost as buying directly from Microsoft.

Marketing CRM Development

We’re experienced in delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing projects, covering everything from ROI dashboard configuration to data integration.

We’ll align your marketing solution to work seamlessly with other areas of your business. This ranges from automatic sales notifications when a prospect reaches MQL status, to demand map visualisations that allow operations and field service teams to plan regional resources based on enquiries.

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