CSL Global is a leading international provider of marine surveying, consultancy and risk management services.

It works with businesses involved in large infrastructure development projects, marine insurance, and organisations operating in global cargo, shipping, transportation and supply chains.

Managing the risks associated with cargo in transit is a highly complex task, requiring the tracking and management of multi-modal movements of cargo to limit the associated risk of loss or damage. The layers and volume of interconnected information requires support systems that can not only store information efficiently but also provide valuable data to management.

CSL Global’s old Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software was not meeting the business’ needs. A lack of software flexibility was resulting in inefficient working practices and only some of the company’s global offices were able to use the software due to its limitations.

As a long-term IT partner to CSL Global, Akita was able to suggest Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the new solution. We knew that Dynamics 365 could be tailored to do the job for the entire business, without the high price tag that might be associated with bespoke software.

After the full scoping of requirements by our IT consultants, a new field ERP solution was built in Dynamics 365 designed to support CSL Global’s desired way of working.

Delivered in a phased approach, features include:

    • - Complete customisation of field names to match CSL Global’s requirements
    • - SharePoint integration, with all documentation stored against Dynamics 365 records (rather than being siloed in regional offices)
    • - Easy reporting that allows CSL Global to run complex data searches without the need for external support
    • - Automatic calculations within Dynamics 365 records that reduce administration work
    • - Automated document generation that speeds up invoice creation and ensures consistent document design and wording across all offices

CSL Global’s Dynamic 365 solution supports a more effective way of working across the entire business – from tracking cargo shipments, to keeping records of key contacts and operatives located around the world.

Default Dynamics 365 functionality is also being utilised to better integrate the business’ marketing and sales processes.

Additionally, each stage of this Dynamics 365 project has allowed CSL Global to generate additional business reporting, providing valuable new insight for business strategy.

This Dynamics 365 field ERP solution will also soon allow CSL Global’s operatives to log information into tablets and mobile devices out in the field that then feeds into reports back at the office, further streamlining workflow and saving more time.

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